Over the past 27+ years, Denise has helped thousands of people from around the globe. Her clients describe her style as “empathetic and caring” and feel her readings are “guided by love and truly come from the heart”.

Read what some of her clients say about Denise:

Kellie H.

"Denise has an exquisite spirit that shines through her work as a psychic medium.  She is truly gifted and generous of heart.  I've enlisted her services many times over the past 15 years.  The messages she has imparted to me from my Spirit Guides and Angels and Loved Ones beyond the veil have assisted me upon my path in many ways that words cannot describe.  If you are considering working with her - perhaps your Guides and Angels have brought you to her.  It was that way for me.

Mary P.

"Denise has a wonderful, caring attitude that puts a person at ease immediately. She is keenly intuitive and her comments are directed and helpful. Her warmth and humor is a big asset too. It's been an enormous gift to have her help and insights in my life. I would recommend her assistance strongly."

Penny R.

I have always enjoyed my time with Denise, whether that has been in a class or receiving an individual reading.  Her down to earth style and natural warmth always put me at ease and open to receiving the gifts from our time together.

Hear From More People...

Denise is a gifted medium, clairvoyant reader. She has given me messages from friends that have passed on and that I have been very close to in my life. Only I would know what they are talking about and what they look like and their sense of humor. It is always something I need to hear at the time to keep me going in this world when things get difficult.
— Christy Allen, Healer and Caregiver - WA
“Denise’s intuitive readings pierce through the veil of mental confusion created by our minds. She has a knack for finding our underlying values and she empowers us to find our personal truth and peace of mind. After an intuitive session with Denise, people feel seen and known. They are better prepared to do what they need to do to bring more happiness into their lives.”
— Sandy Breckenridge, Author, Artist, and Intuitive Consultant — WA